Twin Cities Fire Soccer Club

win Cities Fire…gearing players for college level soccer.
Twin Cities Fire Soccer Club is a regionally recognized youth soccer club in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The club focuses on year round professional training to allow for the greatest potential in player development.
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FireSC is recognized for the sole purpose of advancing our athletes to play at one of the universities and colleges sponsoring intercollegiate soccer programs within the United States. Our development process includes both technical and tactical education as well as strength and conditioning programs to better prepare our athletes for real game environments at any level.
FireSC accomplishes this significant goal by providing the highest quality training utilizing a scientific curriculum and competing against some of the toughest opposition in the region. Additionally, the Club has established a strong reputation and track record for producing collegiate quality players over the past ten years. From 1999 to the present, FireSC has accomplished an impressive task of moving our top players on to compete at the college level. Furthermore, the FireSC has accomplished a comprehensive network of college coach relationships to facilitate the advancement of Fire players to colleges and universities across in our region.

Because of the Club’s strong conviction to the player development process, the Fire has become a staple for college coaches to help fill their roster with quality recruits.

  • FireSC College Handbook
  • Sample Player Recruiting Cover Letter (Word Format)
  • Sample Player Resume (Word Format)
  • NCAA Guides
    • Guide to Student Athlete
    • Division 1 Guide
    • Division 2 Guide
    • Division 3 Guide

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